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New and Bestselling Titles from Tracie Miles

New and Bestselling Titles from Tracie Miles
Regular Price $16.99
Our Price $14.95

In Love Life Again, Tracie reminds readers they each get only one life to live and inspires them not to take it for granted. Through compelling personal stories and powerful insights from Scripture, she helps women identify the stumbling blocks to their joy and offers tools and insights to take back control of their happiness.

Every chapter ends with a practical call to action to motivate readers to begin loving their lives again. She also offers reflection questions, prayers, and creative ideas to help readers smile. Love Life Again helps readers learn how to live the abundant lives Jesus died for them to have, despite the circumstances they may face.

Regular Price $16.99
Our Price $14.95

For many women, remaining optimistic about life and positive about themselves is a constant battle. For others, negativity is something that sneaks up from time to time. Either way, once those dark thoughts come into the mind, it s hard to see the light anymore. Even though women know that negative thoughts don t come from God, it s often difficult to escape them.
Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker and author Tracie Miles offers hope for women who struggle with negativity through "Unsinkable Faith." Each chapter explores personal stories from Tracie and other women, showing how they were able to rise above their circumstances by transforming and renewing their minds.
Women will be inspired to embrace God s truth as they find tools to be a more positive, optimistic person."

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